Model Checker

Model Checker is an add-on for Blender that allows the analysis of 3D model discrepancies. This add-on allows to perform this key process for areas such as virtual heritage restoration without leaving the Blender environment. In addition, it features change control and immersive Virtual Reality visualization options.

Model Checker wants to provide a tool to perform discrepancy analysis between 3D models in a simple way and with visualization options through immersive Virtual Reality. The main objectives of this project are:

  • Easy integration and use in the work environment

    Model Checker integrates seamlessly into an open-source 3D workflow based on Blender, working as a Blender add-on. It is also very easy to use, with a simple interface integrated into the scene properties panel of the software.

  • Change control

    Model Chceker offers a project change control, saving all generated heatmaps and being able to access them at any time. This allows to observe the progress of the project.

  • Various display options

    In addition to its visualization in text where you can see the minimum, maximum, average distance and its standard deviation, the discrepancy heatmap can be exported as a texture to other software and visualized directly in Blender through immersive Virtual Reality converting it into a material. The thresholds of these heatmaps are adaptable depending on the scale of the 3D model.

This add-on has been developed with Python in the Blender programming environment.

  • Data processing

    The generated data are processed and displayed directly within Blender. For each analysis a value from 0% to 100% discrepancy is stored in the weight value of each vertex depending on the thresholds defined for the analysis. Each time a new analysis is generated, a new Vertex group is created to store this information, so that previous analyses are always accessible.

  • Result display

    This data can be easily viewed in Weight Painting mode. In addition, they can be converted into attributes to be used as a material. This material can be viewed directly in immersive Virtual Reality in Blender using the VR Scene Inspection add-on or baked for export to other software.

Project details

Model Checker




May, 2024