Unwrap 3D Virtual: Ready!

Many students struggle with the spatial skills needed to properly unwrap 3D meshes for texture creation in their designs. UVR offers a solution to this challenge by allowing users to observe the unwrapping process of geometric objects frame by frame, switching the projection (cube, cylinder, or sphere) or with different types of seams. Use it in your classes or for your own improvement in spatial and geometric unwrapping skills. Available on VR and desktop PC.

    • Learn the geometric unfolding of various 3D models based on geometric projections such as the cube, sphere, and cylinder.
    • Learn the geometric unfolding of various 3D models through different examples of seams for the objects.
    • Develop and test your spatial intelligence through 3D geometric unfolding challenges.
    • Evaluate and enhance your knowledge of geometric unfolding in three-dimensional environments.
    • Encourage creativity by exploring different approaches to the unfolding of three-dimensional objects.
    • In a classroom setting.
    • Easy-to-use controllers: grab and attach objects, press buttons, and interact with levers and sliders.
    • Minimal movement required: all objects are within easy reach for comfortable usability.
    • No time limits: progress at your own pace.
    • Incorporation of multimedia principles to enhance understanding: minimal distractions, comfortable environment, and assistance provided when needed.
  • Integration of gamification techniques: receive instant feedback and earn points as you progress.


Project Details

UVR: Unwrapping Virtual Reality




November, 2023