Virtual Circus

Ready to dive into virtual reality? Welcome to Virtual Circus, the perfect tutorial for VR beginners! Here, users will find a combination of minigames designed to teach the basic and typical actions in the world of virtual reality. From throwing balls to building your own Mr. Potato Head, this virtual circus offers a unique interactive experience for learning and practicing while having fun.


  ·  Strike the Toys: Throw balls and knock down toys.

  ·  Punch Like a Tornado: Unleash all your energy by hitting a punching bag before time runs out.

  ·  Slot-Road: Master the curves and complete laps in this challenging racing game.

  ·  Dress the Potato Up: Create your own Mr. Potato and add unique effects.

    • Learn basic VR interactions while having fun in an interactive environment.
    • Get accustomed to and familiarize yourself with the VR environment.
    • Improve dexterity and motor skills through progressively more difficult challenges.
    • Set in a vibrant and colorful circus environment.
    • Easy-to-use controllers that allow for intuitive actions such as grip, release, hitting, throwing, and more.
    • Incorporation of an interactive menu where players can access a summary of controls and view their score and ranking.
    • Utilization of multimedia principles to facilitate understanding and minimize distractions.
    • Integration of gamification techniques to provide instant feedback and motivate engagement with a points system and users’ ranking.

Miguel-Alonso, I., Guillen-Sanz, H., Rodríguez-Garcia, B., & Bustillo, A. (2023). Design and development of a gamified tutorial for iVR serious games. European Conference on Games Based Learning, 17(1), 411-417.

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Virtual Circus




September, 2023